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IQM system recognised by major award

iRT Systems and their development partner, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Ontario, Canada, have been awarded the 2017 Innovation Prize by the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) for their collaboration in, “The development of IQM – a new safety standard in radiation therapy.”


Represented in the UK by Vertec Scientific, iRT was founded to bring the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) patient monitoring system to the international healthcare market, building on the detector design developed by a research team at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. The two organisations have worked together since 2013 to create a patient monitoring system that can be used to increase patient safety in any radiation therapy centre in the world. 


According to the American Cancer Society new cancer diagnoses will nearly double to 22 million in the year 2030. Half of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy as part of their cancer treatment, and technological advances in radiation therapy allow an increasingly precise application of the treatment dose to the tumour volume with great benefits for the patients.


Yet these life-saving benefits of technological progress come with increased complexity in treatment planning, delivery processes and QA tools, bringing with them potential for errors of greater severity.  Modern radiation therapy requires new approaches to ensure patient safety. The innovative IQM System verifies every individual control point in real time during patient treatment and this real time error detection capability allows error prevention before a problem can potentially harm a patient.




The Innovation Award of the German state Rheinland-Pfalz is one of the oldest and most established innovation awards in Germany and this year, the Innovationspreis Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Prize) award committee recognised the new approach of the IQM system to improve patient safety in the increasingly complex environment of modern radiation therapy, awarding it the Innovationspreis Rheinland-Pfalz 2017 as the world’s first intra-fractional verification system.


The award committee also recognised the IQM system’s significant impact on verification workflow efficiency. IQM is completely integrated into the treatment planning and delivery workflow, verifying the treatment beam as a fully automated background process without any user interaction. This allows faster implementation of new treatment techniques regardless of the size or capacity of the radiation therapy centre.




The patented “continuous spatial resolution” detector design makes the IQM especially well-suited for verifying the smaller treatment field sizes typical in modern treatment techniques. The innovative detector design allows the verification of any field size from small stereotactic fields to up to 40cm x 40cm field sizes, for every photon energy (incl. FFF), every dose starting at 0.1MU/cm2 up to unlimited, every dose rate up to 2400 MU/min, every beam segment position at any gantry and collimator angle. 


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