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First UK C-Rad Catalyst at James Cook

Pictured recently at the Endeavour Unit, part of James Cook University Hospital, following the installation of a C-Rad Catalyst patient position monitoring system supplied by Vertec Scientific are (from left): Vertec Product Specialist Michael Davis, Technical Development Lead Radiographer Paul Bartley, Head of Radiotherapy Physics Kevin Burke, Radiographer Laura Appleby, Lead Physics for Q&A and Imaging Andrew Greenhalgh and C-Rad Global Sales Manager West Kent Öbrink.

The Hospital is noted for its positive view of advanced technologies in patient care and their C-Rad Catalyst is the first to be installed in the UK.

Mounted on the ceiling above the linear accelerator, Catalyst optically monitors body movements and breathing of patients on the table. Requiring minimal user interaction, Catalyst acts as an always-present decision support system where the required information is projected directly onto the couch or patient. The system’s high performance provides immediate and real-time feedback, so the therapist can maintain focus on ensuring the best possible patient comfort and treatment outcome.

Consultant Clinical Oncologist Dr Nicola Storey said, “Our aim is to deliver the highest possible dose of radiation to a tumour, while minimising any effect on surrounding healthy tissues. What Catalyst does is help with the patient’s alignment and positioning without the need for markers, as all required information is obtained using the light projected on the skin.”

Clinical Director of Oncology Dr Nick Wadd adds, “We are delighted that the kind donations from the STAR and South Cleveland Cancer Research funds have enabled us to buy this piece of equipment which will improve the service we can provide to our patients and help us maintain our position as one of the leading centres for radiotherapy in the UK.






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